Terms & Conditions

1. Distinct5 Learning Private Limited (Company) reserves the right to make any change in EDMATE’s products and programs without prior notice.

2. EDMATE’s products and programs are intended for individual use only. Broadcasting the programs through any means, including but not limited to through the internet, television, handheld devices and other devices, is not permitted, and is a breach of the intellectual property rights of Distinct5 Learning Private Limited (Company). The Company reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings in the case of such breach.

3. It is expressly clarified that all intellectual property rights including but not limited to copyright, patent, trademarks, trade secrets in the products, modules, contents and programs shall continue to vest with the Company at all times. The student/parent shall not have the right to claim any rights over the intellectual property in the product by virtue of them purchasing of the product. Further, in no event shall the student/parent have the right to make copies of the products once the sale is made. The student/parent acknowledges that a breach of this clause could cause irreparable harm to the company as to which monetary damages may be difficult to ascertain or an inadequate remedy. The student/parent acknowledges that the company will have the right, in addition to its other rights and remedies, to seek injuctive relief for any violation of the Clause.

4. Customers are entitled to make payment for EDMATE’s products and programs through online payment, cash, card or cheque. In the case of payment by cheque, the requested product/program will be dispatched by the Company Only on realization of the cheque. Should the cheque bounce, fail to be realized or if the Company is required to present an alternate cheque for any reason, any banking charges incurred by the Company in this regard are recoverable by the Company from the issuer of such cheque.

5. The Company is entitled to revise the price of its products and programs, at any time, at its sole discretion without any prior notice.

6. The Parent/Student will have access to the product and content until the month & year of validity specified in this form and certain courses/programs by the company may have a view count restriction. The parent/student is bound by the same.

7. After depositing the fee, a student or parent may not apply for a refund under any circumstances. The decision of the Company regarding eligibility of a student/parent to claim a refund shall be final and binding.

8. If at any point of time, the Government further increases tax rate, the extra amount of taxes will be borne by the consumers from the date of enforcement of such act by the government.

9. Any change of address, phone number or lost of login credentials should be notified to the company without any delay through an email to support@edmate.io or by reaching out to us on our customer care number.

10. View the complete terms and conditions at https://www.edmate.io/terms of services.

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